Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Squacco Heron Twitch

Here's a selection of shots of yesterday's Squacco Heron at Cemlyn when it was relocated in the evening. Initially it was perched in some willows by a ditch but then it flew to the top of the bushes where it stayed for at least 20 minutes prior to flying towards the shore and presumably away as it wasn't seen again.

It showed well for quite a while.

It was quite noticeable when we first spotted it!

David arrived to Police the Twitch.

It didn't like the local Buzzard.

Brian Iddon let a Birder in a Suit use his scope, but it wasn't Martin.

Then it flew off.

....and then Martin arrived.

But sadly Martin couldn't relocate it and even some kind words
from a passing cow failed to cheers him up.

Hobbies up North

On Monday David Wright had a Hobby at Cemlyn and possibly the same bird was nearby at Tregele the next day seen by Tony White chasing hirundines over his house! So it could still be in the area.

Squacco Heron at Cemlyn

It was found yesterday at 8am by the warden Dawn at 8am in the cow drinking pool viewable from the walled off house Bryn aber, then it flew to the adjacent wet field then flew off inland at 8.05. It returned c. 1.30ish when it was in the ditch by the old stone pigshed on the track down to Tyn llan farm for c.20 minutes then it flew towards Hen Borth. It was relocated at c.6.15 pm in willows beyond Tyn llan farm on the path to the chapel in the field then walk left down to the ditch where the footpath crosses it. It flew up into the tree tops, periodically calling, a frog like "bok". then at 6.52-ish it flew off towards the shoreline, not inland like on previous occasions, and wasn't relocated later on that evening.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


2 Bee-eaters were over the Great Orme this morning at 8.20 am and then these or another 2 birds were over Mariandyrys near Llandonna at 3pm (per Robin Sandham, Twitter).

Friday, 26 June 2015

A good time to visit South Stack and Porth Diana

As spring migration has finished the breeding season is in full swing and it's also a good time for flowers at the moment. The endemic South Stack Spatulate fleawort is showing well near Ellen's tower and so are the nationally rare and highly localised Spotted Rockrose. For the Rockrose Porth Diana near Trearddur Bay is a good spot to see it, but parking can be a bit of a challenge so it may be easier to walk to the site from the nearest public car-park. The two maps at the end of this post show where Porth Diana is and where the best spot to look for them at South Stack is. Silver studded blues are also out at present. Below are some of the photos I took last weekend from that neck of the woods.

South Stack Spatulate Fleawort

The Peregrine chicks have now fledged. This one landed very close
 to us allowing the kids naked eye views which was nice.

Spotted Rockrose

South Stack

Walking up the lighthouse.

Close views of Razorbill on the bridge to SS Island

Watching a gull egg hatch

Hatching Lesser black backed Gull

Rock rose at South Stack

NWWT Porth Diana Rockrose reserve

Anglesey Nightjars?

There was a report from a visiting birder this time last year of a churing Nightjar in Newborough forest, from a camp-site on the East of the forest. If any birders or moth-ers are in the area at the mo, any news either way would be appreciated.

Quail on Anglesey

News has just come in from a visiting birder who had a calling Quail at Llandaniel Fab last week. The bird was reported from Tyn y Coed and the grid reference for that area is SH 488 697. It could still be there?