Monday, 29 July 2013

Caspian Tern not far away......

A Caspian Tern is spending its days in north Staffordshire at Rudyard Lake then roosting in Cheshire each night at Acre Nook Sand Quarry. An easy drive from North Wales given that Caspian Terns are rarely twitchable for long. Well worth going over if you get the chance, Birdline North West 09068 700249, has details of the locations and latest sightings. On another note lots of waders on the move at the moment so well worth checking all wetland habitats for good ones. Some real rarities being found, inc Lesser sand Plover in County Cork and Lesser Yellowlegs and Long billed Dowitcher together in Carmarthenshire. But do check the ID carefully before putting the news out! Recently Dunlin reported as Curlew Sandpiper and 3 Knot reported as Ruff - yes we know!! Always happy to help with ID questions and to hear about your sightings too. Text on 07778 677141, many thanks. Alan and Ruth


  1. Yeap guess plenty folk have been for the Caspian as a scarce occurrence in the NW. Straightforward at Acre and Rudyford. Went to both sites on Friday.

  2. Managed to get to Acre from sitting on the couch relaxing in 45 minutes from Wrexham on it's first night. Long overdue UK bogey bird

  3. Superb bird and didn't think I'd be seeing one of them this year... 'terned' out to be a great July with seeing that Bridled too!