Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Northern Spain 27th - 31st March 2014

I've recently come back from a long weekend in Northern Spain with Richard Birch. I followed a similar itinerary to a trip I did with Andy Clark in 2003. We flew from Liverpool to Barcelona using Easyjet and used Europcar covering c.1300km. Sites covered included El Llobregat at the end of the runway (great wetland reserve with many migrants). Then we stayed in Lecera (Hotel Rural Rincon del Cierza) south of Belchite. It was a great little hotel and handy for El Planeron and the Dupont's Larks. Then we had 2 nights in the Pyranese up the Hecho Valley at the Hotel Uson. It was another lovely hotel with it's own micro-brewery! After the Hecho Valley, Garbadito and a brief trip to the Ski Resort at Candanchu we headed back to Barca with brief stops for Black Wheatear south of Huesca and Great Spotted Cuckoo east of Ballaguer near Lleida. A great little trip. If you're off there soon and need specific gen either post a comment on here or contact me through Facebook.Here's a selection of some of the better photos I managed to take.

                                          Black eared Wheatear near El Planeron

                                          Dupont's Lark at El Planeron

                                          Wallcreeper at Boca del Infierno

                                          Firecrest at Garbadito

                                          Citril Finch between Hecho and Riglos

                                          Black winged Stilt near Barca airport

                                          Griffon vulture over Lecera

                                          Black Redstart at Riglos

                                          Rock Bunting at Garbadito

                                          Thekla lark at Tramaced

                                          Black Wheatear at Tramaced

                                          Riglos is quite spectacular!

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  1. Ey up Steve!

    Still not seen the photos from the 2003 trip so glad to get an eyeful of some of these ;-p

    I vividly remember literally shaking with excitement at seeing my first Wallcreeper - phwoooar, dream bird... definitely worth almost getting shot by the Spanish military on exercises in the area :-D

    Good Birding & Best Wishes