Saturday, 7 June 2014

Another rare at Cemlyn - Mandarin Duck ;-)

Ken Croft found this female Mandarin at Cemlyn yesterday at the far end of Tyn Llan Pool. It was an Anglesey tick for him as it's a rare bird on the island. I had one about 10 years ago on Cors Erddreiniog around this time of year as I was twitching a Hobby and it was a very flighty individual indeed. Where it came from nobody knows. They breed nearby on the Glaslyn and also at Llandulas I think but they can occasionally suffer from wanderlust! I remember hearing about a bird that was ringed somewhere in the Northeast that turned up a few months later in Eastern Europe! So they're not all cage-hopers even though they are common in wildfowl collections. There are more birds in the wild in Western Europe now than in their original haunts in the far east.


  1. Trust you to be the first to post about it, Steve ;) Plastic fantastic

  2. Would have been handy on the bird race though Zac!