Friday, 29 August 2014

Ceredigion and France - great way to spend 3 weeks.

Spent most of the summer in France or Ceredigion. 
La Creuse, France was stunning- like going back 70 years in this country I suppose with traditional farming methods. Red backed shrikes, Cirl buntings, Honey Buzzards were the daily fare, while woodpeckers were very well represented with the usual 3 species plus, Middle Spotted, Black and Grey-headed. Crested Tit, Firecrest, Western Bonelli's and Melodious Wabler along with Short-toed Teecreeper were easily seen with Black- necked Grebe and Black Terns on the numerous lakes. 3 Black Stork together were a surprise. For a relaxing no stress holiday, there can't be anywhere better. 
Ceredigion produced the now expected large gathering of Mediterranean Gulls (5 rings read) with a maximum of 565 birds one evening. Juv Yellow legged Gull, 2 Little Terns, juv Hobby and a good passage of small waders kept me entertained. 

Ringed Plovers were very evident with a mix of nominate hiaticula and 'Northern' psammodrama birds (see comparison below).

All pics taken by iPhone camera.

2 passage Little Terns at Llanrhystyd.
2 of the 565 strong flock of Med Gulls including a colour ringed bird from Antwerp, Belgium.
This Oyc has been coming back to Llanrhystyd for at least 12 years. 
Presumed juvenile Yellow legged Gill in with the Meds. First juvenile bird for Ceredigion apparently.
Nominate and Northern Ringed Plover- note the smaller darker individual (the northern) - easily differentiated. 

Med Gulls - surely by far the largest flock in Wales of not the UK. Anyone know of any south coast flocks this big? The flick has increased from what I nites as 'an incredible 22' on Aug 27th, 2004 to 565 individuals this year!! 

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  1. Fantastic photos, Marc.
    Walter Jenkel.