Monday, 24 November 2014

That's why it's limping!

Colin Davies from St Helens sent me this photo of the Anglesey Purple Heron recently and he pointed out that the left leg is much smaller than the right leg, presumably a developmental abnormality, so it's not surprising it's got an exaggerated limp! Either that, or the left leg is abnormally pointing sideways? Which again would cause a limp.Thanks for that Colin.

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  1. Hi Steve,It is not a problem with tresspassing as apparently the landowner gave permission for the 3 individuals to walk the fields. The problem was the constant harrassing of the bird,needing to get ever closer. Birders had been there since 8am this morning without seeing the bird. I got out of the car at 12.45 and it was right in front of me. Two sets of birders left without seeing it. One pair came back and flushed the bird,so when the other pair arrived back from being halfway home,it had flown.The bird had been showing well and it was only a matter of time before it did agian. The behaviour of some birders annoys me no end. THE BIRDS WELFARE COMES FIRST AND FOREMOST. Brian Iddon.