Sunday, 1 February 2015

German Common Gulls in North Wales- Kiel City to Colwyn Bay.

Over the past few years, several Norwegian ringed Common Gulls and a couple of Danish birds have been sighted along the North Wales coast. Two years ago I came across a 1st winter bird that had been ringed in Kiel City in Germany. Amazingly, today I came across an adult bird (A73E) and I've just heard from German ringer Matthias Haupt that today's adult bird was ringed on 17.06.2010 on exactly the same flat roof as the 1st winter bird!!!!! Seems like we're getting a good idea of where our wintering Common Gulls come from.
Matthias is forwarding the up to date  history of both birds so I'll update the blog once he does. 
The 1st winter ringed on a Kiel City roof in 2012 and seen on Llanddulas beach on 10th March 2013. 
The adult bird seen today on Old Colwyn beach- ringed in 2010 on the same Kiel City roof!
The Kiel City Common Gull nesting colony from where both North Wales birds came from. 
Young Common Gulls on the Kiel City Roof. How many will make it to North Wales? 
Breeding adult Common Gull on the Kiel City roof- a good probability that it winters in North Wales. 
Matthias and his team ringing the gulls and adding to scientific knowledge in the process. 
The journey many of these birds make each winter where they also join Norwegian and Danish birds.

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  1. Very interesting Marc.

    Walter & Jen Kelly.