Thursday, 13 August 2015

North Wales Twite Recovery

I have made a number of visits to Nant Ffrancon and have yet to find any Twite. The late wet spring did not help as there was very little growth early on to provide them with their staple diet of seeds.

Has anybody else seen or heard Twite this spring?

The birds in the Pennines are beginning to form post breeding flocks, so presumably our should be doing the same in the next few weeks.

Your help would be appreciated, if you see any let the team know.

Kelvin Jones
BTO Cymru
North Wales Twite Recovery Project

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kelvin,

    I was in Cwm Idwal on Saturday and had several sightings of twite, including the following -

    * a flock of about 15 - 20 birds
    * a youngster begging food from an adult
    * a bird possibly leaving a nest on one of the big boulders (I know it's a bit late.....)

    I was surprised and quite excited as I've never seen them there before.

    regards jerry (moore)