Sunday, 6 September 2015

Llyn Alaw Hide is accessible again thanks to the Silver Slashers

The main hide on the southern shore of the north east end of Llyn Alaw always used to be a spot worth visiting to do a bit of birding. However it has been a no-go area for years. Not because of Shining Path Guerrillas or the like but due to several trees being blown down and making access impossible. However thanks to the Silver Slashes (a non-paramilitary group of helpful ramblers), they have now cleared access to the hide. Hats off to them and a big thank you! So there's a prize for the first birders to go down there and find a good bird for us all to see :-) So lets get down there and see what we've all been missing for years. I think Ken had a Baird's Sand there once? Anyway thanks to Geoff Gibbs for letting us know about this, however we are still waiting for news on accessibility to the less popular North Hide.

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