Sunday, 21 February 2016

Weekend birds and bird-news

One of yesterdays highlights was the 4 Bramblings. They have been coming to feeders at Pentrellyncymer Outdoor Education Centre. Yesterday there was no seed in the seed-feeders but the peanut feeders were full. I commented that they probably wouldn't come to the feeders if it was just peanuts on offer and no seed. So, we moved a little way down the road where there was an obvious feeding flock, and thankfully the Bramblings were with the other birds. Ironically one Brambling had a Peanut in it's mouth :-/ What do I know about Bramblings ?

Upto 4 Bramblings were south of Llyn Brenig at Pentrellyncymer

They were in a small wet copse near a house called Treforris
about 200m from Pentrellyncymer outdoor education centre

The single Snow Bunt by Holyhead Breakwater today

Upto 6 Purple Sands were at Trearddur Bay today at high tide

Some BG's are in Summer plumage in HH Fish Quay

Mergs in the Fish-quay are looking good at the mo.

Hoodie Hybrid on the South Stack Road

Black Grouse at Worlds end yesterday

Black and Red

The watcher on the hill - Male Merlin at Worlds End

7 of a lek of 22 Birds (we had c35 - 40 birds in total)

Dave and Tony stretch their legs

Dipper and Grey Wag at Llangollen, but sadly no Mandarins.


Black Red at Rhos on Sea opposite the Monkey Puzzle Tree

Iceland gull again yesterday just on the South Stack side of Porth Dafarch


  1. Just found this page ahead of an Anglesey day Tuesday. Black Guillemot would be amazing! Where is HH Fish Quay? (I'll keep reading).

    1. I am guessing HH is Holyhead (quite the detective), and fish quay I'll ask about :-)

    2. I found the Fish Quay and the B Guillemots! Life bird for me, that I wouldn't have found without this blog - thanks a lot!

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