Saturday, 10 September 2016

Wryneck at Cemlyn

Early seawater from Octel brought a juvenile Long-tailed Skua and three Arctic Skuas.  Whimbrel at Traeth Dulas, then learnt of the Wryneck at Cemlyn.  Great find by Alan Davies.  Anglesey tick for me - last one I had in North Wales was the Conwy RSPB bird on the 03/10/98 - best part of 18 years ago!!

After a short wait the bird showed well and was seen by at 10+ individuals by mid-morning.

Birdguides has another Wryneck at Morfa Bychan this afternoon.


  1. Fantastic sighting of Wryneck. Hoping it's still there tomorrow. Where's best place to look for it, was there a favourite perch?

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  3. It was favouring the stone wall to the left of the field adjacent to the west car park this morning. This evening it was on the wall on the right hand side, bordering the field with the shallow pool. Hope it is there tomorrow for others to catch up with it.

  4. Thanks for the info Martin, I'll let you know if we see it.

  5. Wryneck showing well this morning.