Friday, 7 October 2016

Second helping - it would have been rude not to

After seeing the Booted Warbler on Monday evening after work, today provided an opportunity to try to get a few photos with my camera rather than the mobile phone held to my 'scope.  Bird was still favouring the same patch of gorse, but was venturing out a lot more into the grassy areas.  It now seems to just have the 1 tail feather - whether this is contributing to its long stay is difficult to say.  I understand that it drew the interest of a Kestrel, but don't know the details.  Managed several good but brief views of the Firecrest on Llys Helyg drive.  Many thanks to Rob S for directions for the Firecrest and for Rob and Peter A's company.


  1. Hi Martin
    I went Wednesday 5th and it was spooked by a Merlin a few times. Fantastic photos wish mine were as good.
    John G