Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Great orme - Richard's Pipit, Black Reds and Snow Bunts

Video clip of Yellowhammer on the limestone pavement wall - a scarce bird on the Orme but becoming more regular with a few records each autumn and early spring.

A total of seven birders were on the headland at dawn and this was reflected in the number of birds seen. The Richard's pipit was still present in the sheep fields, while two Black Redstarts were new in. One was near the limestone carpark (PA) and another in the cemetery (AD). The two Snow Buntings continued to show very well near the cairn. A nice selection of buntings produced at least one Yellowhammer along the wall, a good bird here as well as at least 6 Reed Buntings. Seven Bramblings were noted amongst the small passage of finches, while 10 Crossbills passed over head. Four Wheatears were dotted around the pavements, while a Golden Plover and two Snipe represented the waders. A female Merlin hunted a Goldfinch along the cliffs (PA).

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  1. Great morning! Some more pics here on our blog -

    Pallas's Warbler at Bardsey BO today one on the Orme in the morning? See you there!