Saturday, 29 October 2011

Juvenile Rose coloured Starling in Nefyn

I went down to Nefyn today to see the Rose coloured Starling in Shirleys back garden. She very kindly asked me in for coffee and toast. I was there for about an hour and a half and the bird showed twice for a period of about 5 minutes each time. Despite the poor light I managed a few half decent shots through the window. I was made up as this was the first juvenile RCS I've seen, up close anyway! Thanks Shirley.There is also an interesting melanistic sooty looking Great tit in her back garden. Site directions - drive from Nefyn to Morfa Nefyn. When you see the Morfa Nefyn sign park sensibly and look for Lon PwllWilliam on the right. Walk 150m+ along the track, first house on the right is Erylmor (sign on gate). Walk through the car parking area and view the back garden from the gate at the corner of the house. It favours the hanging bird table in the wooden arch and the lawn looking for the soaked sultanas Shirleys been putting out for it. Its been there for at least 10 days. She hadn't noticed it since Wednesday until we spotted it again today. She said she was happy for people to go and see it, so if you get the chance it's worth it. Just remember to park on the main road and behave in an appropriate manner :-)

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