Saturday, 30 November 2013

Belated news - Possible Bufflehead at Llanfairfechan shore on thursday 21st November!

Dafydd Ellis had a small duck on the sea at Llanfairfechan on the above date. It was similar to a female goldeneye but it had a white 50p sided bright white patch behind its eye. It had no other white/pale on it's head. It had a small blue-grey duck's-bill, dark head and back. He looked in the books and felt it was definately a female Bufflehead, but after speaking to a few friend's was reassured it was probably an escapee, and wouldn't be accepted as a wild bird - doh!!! So that's why the news is only coming out now.
If you park in the Llanfairfechan promenade car park, walk west past the little boating lake, just past the posh victorian houses on the left it was 15 meters offshore just past the houses. So anywhere along that stretch of the coast or on the Anglesey side may be worth keeping an eye out. Dafydd is a local well known birdwatcher from the Cambrian Ornithological society who's birded in North Wales for many years now.
ps. he also said it didn't look very well, so it may be worth walking the high tide line as well!

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