Monday, 2 December 2013

N Wales news

Took a trip over to Caernarfon on Sat and saw an ad m Black Redstart so I reckon there's two around the Council Offices.  Plenty of birds on the Foryd, love it along there.  Plenty wildfowl.

MD had Firecrest and 5 Chiffchaff at Llanfairfechan SF.  30 Brents and Whooper Swan off Aber yesterday.

GGS still at GBB today close to the mast

2 fem Surfies still off Morfa Bychan/Black Rock yesterday.



  1. Would have been good to know about the male Black Redstart on Saturday rather than Monday! Guess bird news is sometimes a one way street?

  2. Hi - Firecrest was at Morfa Aber with Hennerz, Dipper and 2 Slav there too and a nice bird spectacle as usual. Four Whoopers east above the A55 then later 2 on the mud off Aber scoped from that platform thingy at Madryn.
    5 Chiffies at the ETW is an educated guesstimation!

  3. Good one Mike.
    Alan I tried to send tweet re black red 3-4 times Saturday morning but not enough coverage. Been a longer staying fem type reported from there tho so forgot about it. Saw the bird on the TIC for about 30seconds in 2hrs looking in that area. Not had any news from you for months?

  4. Really Rob? You changed you number then? Just looked over a dozen messages very recently! If you have new number do let me know....

  5. Had this no for 2 years. Last bit of news was Sept- think I dropped off the group ones. Did let you know but you said it was hassle adding new number to existing group. But like the black red it isn't really a big deal.

  6. Text me your number again, will re do list when back from Thailand. Thought you were getting my news - someone is! Cheers