Monday, 9 December 2013

Surf Scoters still showing in the sun

It's great weather to pick up the Surf Scoters off Llysfaen Station Road (off the old dual carriage way) between Llanddulas and Old Colwyn.  Bright conditions best but at least 2 drakes are visible with a scope.  Not sure how far out they are but they are a long way! 2km?

They haven't been mentioned on here for a while but 2 have been seen for the past 3 days.  We get complacent!


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  1. Enjoyed great views from Station road yesterday after connecting with Pensarn's Hoopoe also great to bump into John Roberts ( long-time-no-see)

    The scoter are relatively 'easy' though it can take a couple of passes before the vivid white nape and bill pattern really stand out .