Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Great White Egret at Cemlyn yesterday!

One of my wife's Facebook friends took a picture of a Great White Egret on the lagoon at Cemlyn yesterday. I was there last night and never saw it. But then again I was only there for a few minutes as Sion (my son) threw up on arrival and I had to head straight back home, so I'm sure it could  still be there somewhere! It was seen at c.1.50pm

                            Here's one of  Allison Parry's photo - nice shot Alison.


  1. Ooh interesting! I saw a GWE on the Braint estuary a week or so ago (you posted about it here on 21st Sept). I wonder if it's the same bird?

  2. Would guess it's the same but you never know! Only 21 records for N Wales counties but 15 of those are since 2000 so definitely one of those species we can be getting used to seeing.
    Nice pic too!