Friday, 5 September 2014

It's all kicking off...................................

Bardsey is always the local Barometer as to what birds are in North Wales. A small offshore island with a few keen birders will always pick up more birds than the rest of North Wales due to Geography and concentrated local expertise. The nearby Wirral has also had good stuff recently. However, similar stuff will also be out there in a Neighbourhood near you! WE just need to find it.
On Bardsey on the first there was a flyover Red throated Pipit, Pied Fly and a Tree Pipit. There on the 2nd there was a LT Duck, Redstart and Whinchat and on Anglesey there were 4 Curlew Sands on Malltraeth Cob (Alaw Est will be good now too). On the 3rd there was a Rosefinch at Porth Meudwy and an Ortolan on Bardsey. Yesterday on Bardsey was Mega! Singing Greenish and Marsh Warblers! Ortolan Bunting, Wryneck, Firecrest, 2 Pied Flys, 4 Whinchats, and a Wood Warbler!
Today there were 2 Wrynecks on Bardsey, One at the Farm and 1 on the Hillside. There were also 2 Pied Flys, Marsh WArbler and Ortolan again!
Dotterel may be around as there was one last weekend and at the start of the week on the Orme. Cemlyn, Mynachdy, Carmel Head  and the Range are always also worth a look for this species. Plus they can turn up Buff breasted Sands this time of year.
There's been a Kingfisher at Cemlyn since Sunday, plus up-to 3 Black-wits, 1 Greenshank, Little Stint and Curlew Sand, plus 5 Sanderling and 5 Wigeon  last Sunday. Wheatears and Warblers are still moving through and the Mandarin was still at Cemlyn a week last Wednesday. Thanks Alan, Eddie,Tony and BG.

ps. Don't forget Ken had a Melodious Warbler at South Stack Plantation last week.

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