Friday, 16 January 2015


Four male Ring Ouzels over Wintering in Nant Francon seen midday today.Part of an unusual period in Nant Francon. I have never seen so many thrushes up there, as I have this Winter.. Throughout December there were 250 plus Fieldfare,50 plus Redwing,plus up to 10 Mistle Trushes and several Blackbirds,and I had single Ring Ouzels on the 5th & 6th, The Fieldfare numbers have steadily decreased down to 20 plus birds at present.It is unusual as there is snow lying on the ground,all the berries have been stripped. The birds are feeding on the grass. The Ring Ouzels look in pretty poor condition,which I suppose is to be expected. This afternoon I disturbed a Dipper feeding on lichen on a rock on the Llyn Ogwen shoreline.It flew about 40 yards out onto the lake. It sat like a duck,then dived 10/12 times feeding,I watched it for 5 minutes then left. I have seen Dipper do this in a river or stream,but never so far away from the bank or anything terra firma.


  1. Good one Brian. Whereabouts are they favouring? Ta Rob

  2. Good record. I've seen Ring Ouzels up here in October/November, probably continental birds moving south. Maybe the large berry crop this autumn encouraged them, and other thrushes, to stay in the valley longer than normal? And that food supply may now have run out?