Sunday, 4 January 2015

Shotwick Boating Lake Superb Swan Selection!

On our way over for a family day out near Chester today we popped over to the Boating lake on the border. What a fabulous spot. There were 69 Swans today. Recent counts have included 1 Black Swan (Australian escapee), 28 Russian Bewick's Swans, 13 Icelandic Whooper Swans and 26 resident Mute Swans. There aren't many places you can see 4 species of Swan in one flock! Also on the Boating lake there were 3 Black necked Grebes and whilst I was there I had a flyover Great White egret. Not the best shot, but two other groups of birders had better views as it flew over their heads with it's large yellow bill! A great spot! I'm not sure on access here. The gate was open today, but to be on the safe side it is probably best parking outside the gate by the "under-pass" and walking in to avoid any awkward situations, i.e. getting locked in !

Grebe corner

Black necked Grebe

Bewick's, Mute and Black Swan

Same as above

Mute's fly in

Look at the size difference in Whooper (left) and Bewicks.

Grebe Corner

Great White Egret

Rhys Swan Spotting


  1. Glad you found the site. Nice of the egret to appear over the border!
    Pity the swan fields are about to be developed into a solar farm. Wales only wintering herd of bewicks along with breeding birds such as yellow wags, grey partridge and lapwing will be lost forever!

  2. Your joking! How can that be allowed?