Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cemlyn and Llyn Cefni

I had the Lapland Bunting at Cemlyn at 7.30 this morning but is wasn't seen after that despite people looking and it wasn't there tonight. There were however 8 adult and 1 2nd Summer Med gulls. One of the adult that likes to perch on the bricks has a White ring on its left leg with what looks like E718 but I only saw it briefly. So if you're in the area and its sitting out in good light, wap your scope up-to 60x and see if that is the code for sure. I also had some photos of a ringed Oystercatcher that may have been around for a few years. I got FH86609, is this a full code or is there a digit missing?
Otherwise the Whimbrel and Sanderling are  still at Cemlyn, and at the weekend there were 2 RT Divers and 1 GND in the bay, plus my first Wheatear of the spring was there on Sunday.
I had my first singing Chiffchaff today at Llyn Cefni, Spring is in the air :-)

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