Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Photogenic Lapland Bunting at Cemlyn

I dropped my camera off at Cambrian Photography today for a service and when I got home I realised the battery charger to my spare Camera was missing the connector. So the scene was set for an early evening walk to Cemlyn without my camera, so I was guaranteed to see something good, and I did! As I walked around the corner from the west Car park onto the Trwyn I almost stood on a male Lapland Bunting! It gave great views down to a few feet at times! Thankfully Florence and Mike Smith let me use their camera to get a few shots, thanks :-) Also I put down some millet and nyjer seed to hopefully keep it there for a short while if possible. See map for directions. I'll check first thing tomorrow if the weather is ok.


  1. Very obliging of it to sit under that arrow for you!