Sunday, 31 May 2015

Corncrake and Hobby

Whilst sadly the Anglesey Corncrake was not accessible to birders thankfully the one just over the border in Hale was. I stopped on my way back from Suffolk yesterday around 4-6pm. It was calling occasionally and just as I was getting in the car getting ready to leave, it started to show. Thanks to John Gilbody for letting me look through his scope. Cheers John! It was great to actually see that grating noise coming out of a Corncrakes mouth instead of just a cereal crop. I had hoped to go to Mull and Iona this week but it turned out we went to Harry Potter Land and Suffolk on our family holiday  instead. But I still got my Corncrake! Also, just after crossing the border back into Wales a Hobby flew across the road near Queensferry where you cross the river by the sewage farm, half a km on the England side of the river but still in Wales.

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