Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Snow Geese and Ruff

Chris Lane the tern warden reported three Snow Geese and a Ruff near RSPB Valley today. They were at Tyn Llidiart near Llyn Traffwll at SH 329 749. The Snow Geese were with Greylags and distant but Chris said he could see the black primaries, pointing to Snow Geese rather than white Greylags. Does anyone else know of any feral Snow Geese in North Wales or could these be true vagrants as there have been westerly gales and North American thrushes turning up on the west coast of the UK recently!

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  1. I had a white morph Snow Goose on the Clwyd estuary on 4th May. It was flying around calling then appeared to land on the Marine Lake. Weren't there 3 Lesser Snow Geese hanging around in North Lancs a while ago?