Friday, 26 June 2015

A good time to visit South Stack and Porth Diana

As spring migration has finished the breeding season is in full swing and it's also a good time for flowers at the moment. The endemic South Stack Spatulate fleawort is showing well near Ellen's tower and so are the nationally rare and highly localised Spotted Rockrose. For the Rockrose Porth Diana near Trearddur Bay is a good spot to see it, but parking can be a bit of a challenge so it may be easier to walk to the site from the nearest public car-park. The two maps at the end of this post show where Porth Diana is and where the best spot to look for them at South Stack is. Silver studded blues are also out at present. Below are some of the photos I took last weekend from that neck of the woods.

South Stack Spatulate Fleawort

The Peregrine chicks have now fledged. This one landed very close
 to us allowing the kids naked eye views which was nice.

Spotted Rockrose

South Stack

Walking up the lighthouse.

Close views of Razorbill on the bridge to SS Island

Watching a gull egg hatch

Hatching Lesser black backed Gull

Rock rose at South Stack

NWWT Porth Diana Rockrose reserve

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