Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Squacco Heron Twitch

Here's a selection of shots of yesterday's Squacco Heron at Cemlyn when it was relocated in the evening. Initially it was perched in some willows by a ditch but then it flew to the top of the bushes where it stayed for at least 20 minutes prior to flying towards the shore and presumably away as it wasn't seen again.

It showed well for quite a while.

It was quite noticeable when we first spotted it!

David arrived to Police the Twitch.

It didn't like the local Buzzard.

Brian Iddon let a Birder in a Suit use his scope, but it wasn't Martin.

Then it flew off.

....and then Martin arrived.

But sadly Martin couldn't relocate it and even some kind words
from a passing cow failed to cheers him up.

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