Thursday, 31 March 2011

Bird Race

Thinking ahead how about a North Wales bird race in May? Maybe Saturday 14th? All migrants should be in and could be some winter stuff hanging on? How about starting at say 7pm on Friday and finishing at 7pm Saturday and have the finish line at a pub or maybe the reserve at Conwy so we could make it a social event? All end up at the same spot and compare notes and have a few beers? Also how about a mass bird at Aberdaron over the last weekend of May 28th and 29th? Prime time for a mega or at least a rosefinch? Get as many bodies down there as possible and try and cover the whole area. Take walkie talkies to ensure no one misses anything and meet up a couple of times during the day to compare notes? Some might like to make a weekend of it camp or B&B so we could have a few beers Saturday night? Alan and Ruth


  1. How much? Only joking!...ace we did eve-eve birdraces in the YOC days-much more sociable, sort of.

    As for Uwchmynydd area I reckon as a team we could do really well. Could camp it up in Aberdaron? Bring the speed boat too in case we need to get to Bardsey.

  2. Same here, sounds great, I know a campsite in Uwchmynydd practically right at the tip, so that would be pretty useful- And really cheap as well!

  3. Both sound great ideas, I'll certainly bring my private yacht to Aberdaron.