Saturday, 5 March 2011

Glaucous Gull in Menai Bridge

Took the kids to Pilipalas today like I always do when Rhian's playing hockey. I went past Penhescyn tip on the way in-case there were any gulls around. There was, one, a Glaucous gull!It looks like a third winter to me what do you guys think? Could it be the first winter bird from Spring 2009 returning?


  1. If that's grey feathering in the mantle Steve? Although difficult to see from some features on this picture, I also think that's it's a third winter. Apparently most 3rd winters have a more adult type bill (with dark markings) the bill isn't the typical black/pink 50/50 bill of 2ndw, but more advanced with minimal black markings on tip. The eye looks pale to me too. Send one this way now :-)

  2. Yeah Marc there were a lot of light grey adult type feathers on the mantle, a pale eye and the black tip to the bill is fading.It's easier to see on the original photo.