Monday, 28 March 2011

Merlin v Ringed Plover at Cemlyn

I saw a war of atrition tonight when a Merlin chased a flock of 15 Turstones at Cemlyn and singled out a lone Ringed Plover with them. It chased it out over the bay and with superior speed the Merlin kept heading off the Plover to prevent it going over land. It spent 10 minutes flying in circles periodically breaking away slightly only to swing back into a more vigourous attack. 2 Herring Gulls and a Black head joined in to try and mob the Merlin but it was like watching Lancaster bombers trying to out-manouvre a Spitfire. After 10 minutes I was tiring holding up my bins and so did the Plover which briefly alighted on the beach for a micro-second, thus allowing the Merlin to take it's quarry and take it away to "feast on it" to replace some of the not insignificant amount of energy it had just burned off! My first Swallow flew by as well and there were 6 wheatears showing well on the Trwyn and a Black Guilli still in the bay. The Lap Bunt was reported again. Apologies to Rhian for being late tonight but I had to know how the chase finished!


  1. More exciting than Corrie tho Steve, hope you didnt get in too much trouble. My first Swallow of the year this eve too at Conwy, also 2 Greenshank, and plenty chiff in now.

  2. Went back tonight and there were lots of Chiffs in and at least 1 Willow Warbler. I was quite chuffed until I heard Bardsey had 100 Willywobblers today!