Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Grotter the Rotter, Conwy RSPB

Another round this morning was briefly interupted by an unfamiliar call a" suu-uu" coming from a flock of Greenfinch.  By the time I got onto the offending bird, as it flew overhead and away SE it appeared crimson red. Totally utv's unfortunately but I let a few know so that they could keep a look out.  Interestingly a C Rosefinch was reported from the Calf of Man yesterday (dont know details though).  Found my own before and seen one this year so not too miserable.  What made up for it was great views of the LRP and other waders in good light this morning:

 juvy Rshank (left) looked quite different to the adults being more pastel and light orange legs.  Also a single continental Black Wit in today. 

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