Sunday, 19 June 2011

Puffin Island with SCAN

A fast-paced ringing trip targeting Cormorant and Auks and my first trip to the Island.  It was bizzare to see somewhere so over-run with birds so close to home. A real bird island during the summer.
Penmon from the boat
 Cormorant chick. What a beaut! Huge range of ages and this one way too young to ring.

Cormorant colony on southern slopes looking east towards the G Orme.
 Guille chick
 You really dont want that bill around your finger
 Kit chicks

 Yes there are Puffins on the Island!  Saw 8-10 but there are a few more pairs.

 A sand eels' last sight:

 Auk ring in place
There were hundreds of Herring Gull nesting in the tall grass land covering the top of the cliffs.  Some grazing would improve the site for most species.  Heard plenty Wren singing, Rock Pipit, 20 Eider and Common Whitethroat.  2 Black Guille were seen on the sea and 2 Manxi off Llanfairfechan shore at sea from the boat.

A significant 620 birds ringed inc: 319 Guille, 250 Corm, 40 Razor and 11 Shag.

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