Tuesday, 7 June 2011

White-throated Robin, Hartlepool

Wow. Had to go for this one!!
No major parking rush, no crowd visible only a slight ajar gate gave it away and through we went into a nice walled garden.  Bird in one corner, 30 or so birders along one side.

 It sat down like a chicken after eating something massive.  Cant see it going far but at times it didnt look too chipper.

A local rascal on the street riding a quasi BMX shouted in a strange accent "Wats sar eggsiten boot a bard wit'a wheet belly like", er well "Coz its rare", "Can ye kill et like?".  "Yeah if ya want", as OML.

1 comment:

  1. Can u kill it?, like it lol made me chuckle, perfectly understandable, first thing that springs to my mind when i see a rare bird.
    On the subject of the WTR, forward to 49 minutes:
    Don't groan it's actually not bad, was a bit worried but it turned out alright.
    Ought to go tonight but can't be *rsed.