Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Skerries- an hour in heaven

My first trip to Skerries today with the RSPB and with only an hour there the main objective was to ring as many Arctic Tern chicks in the time allocated.  Think we did 130+ in 40mins but always keeping disturbance to as little as possible and moving to different spots to allow birds to return in with food.  Everything soon resettles.  The island is totally buzzing with life, 2700 pairs of Arctics, 300 Common and similar number of Puffin.
Few images taken quickly after ringing.  The island is wardened with 2 RSPB staff/vols.


  1. Any sign of the Roseatte this year?

  2. App 2 there separately paired with Commons. Didn't see them though as they're mid-colony.