Monday, 2 July 2012

Greenish Warbler at the Weekend on Bardsey

Photos and comments on this weekends warbler. Any comments on the birds racial ID would be welcomed. I did not see the bird, being stuck in a meeting all day Saturday, but i did think the bird showed several features that pointed towards Green warbler. Others have also commented the same, so any comments in favour or against would be welcomed at this stage


  1. Hi chaps. Very interesting looking bird and very yellowy looking indeed! Don't worry about dropping a bollock as you put it, we all do it, it's all part off the learning curve! We can't all be Martin Garner but on that note have you asked him? Also Reg may have seen it as he likes to visit areas that most people haven't heard of so I'm sure he will give his comment after he has digested the Dutch Birding article - presumably because he doesn't want to appear to drop a Bollock! Otherwise ask Marc to poke a few people as he seems to be quite chummy with some of the Big Boys ;-)

  2. This might get ironed out elsewhere but just chewing it over. Looks like the only record of Green was the bird on the Garrison 26Sep-4 Oct 1983, then there was the Church Cove phyllosc muted as a Green 28 Oct 2009 pix here with a couple Green taken in Goa for comparison:
    The bird in the link Richard has provided below of a Green in the hand looks similar:

    The Bardsey bird to me looks more like whats gets called a Green although that's just going off a picture and comparing it to others. Risky business. Super looks bold, broad and yellowy, face looks yellowy, unders look more yellowish than the clean white you see on greenish. Bill longer, under-mandible pale, differs to Greenish and the two pics of the earlier Greenish on the blog. What are the other key features? Any bio differences?
    Certainly a good late spring with a supporting cast of SE stuff.....

  3. Light conditions of the photos may make anything difficult to prove. However the supercilium certainly has a yellowish wash to it and the bird looks bright. There is a 'wood warblery' feel to the bird. The bill looks slightly thicker too. Some Turkish Greens are very similar to Greenish apparently and can lack the very yellow tones of more eastern birds.
    However, the back looks as though it has grey in it which is pro Greenish, and the fact it responded to Greenish song and sang almost identically swings things Greenish way.
    I've never seen Green Warbler ( Ken saw the Scilly bird if I remember rightly) and never seen Nailed a Greenish (my bogie bird) so can't really give an informed opinion. I've forwarded pics to a few people who might know. Looking forward to see how this pans out.
    Great bird whatever :-)

  4. Just out of interest for those lucky enough to have been where Greens and Greenish hang out most of their time how do folk split them there? Is it a case of where you are doing it for you or added with the features we're listing? Can't be easy in the field.

  5. When in Goa a few years ago where both occur although green is the common bird, they are generally separated on call alone. I was lucky enough to meet a well known Finnish expert on calls and he pointed this out to me. Generally greenish have a disyllabic call whereas green generally adds a bit at the end from what I remember. Can't ever remember noticing any difference in apparance though.


    Link to recent bird in Finland. Bardsey bird doesn't seem to have as much yellow around the supercillium or face.