Saturday, 4 August 2012

Gull-billed Tern, Ynyslas 04.Aug

Got down there by 7pm and tide only just turning, no sign of anything and didn't look good especially with a thundery background.  After a bit of a look round a couple of Whimbrel were noisy over the marsh and then a very unfamiliar call came towards us, a deep raucous "wurr-eep" and then it flew overhead landed on the beach and then flew back to from where it had come from.  That was the mouth of the small river mouth about 300m east of the car park.
Managed a couple of phone-scoped shots but the flock of gulls and the tern were flushed by an Osprey and the tern flew back towards the coast but I'm sure it will be back.  It was calling often even when on the deck.

 2 ad Meds also on the beach 8pm

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