Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'm a Lucky Little Bustard!

I've just enjoyed an enjoyable couple of weeks in the Algarve on a family holiday. We stayed at Villamoura, a good central spot and a nice place for the family to stay - beaches, golf, touristy things, good food and a super little nature reserve which I patched hard.
Over the week this small reserve produced Little Bustard, Red-necked Nightjar, Black-shouldered Kite, Black headed Weaver, Little Bitterns, Night Herons, Feruginous Duck, Red-crested Pochard, Orphean Warbler, Azure winged Magpie as well as all the usual southern European stuff.
Offshore produced Cory's and Great Shearwater, Strorm Petrels and a single Wilson's Petrel.

 White Storks everywhere!
 Azure winged Magpie a pest
 Beeaters in good numbers - one morning saw a flock of nearly 100!
 Black headed Weaver - an exotic breeder with loads of there amazing hanging nests.
 Black shouldered Kites frequent the nature reserve
 Two Little Bustards were a real suprise and I'm pretty sure was a good bird for this part of the Algarve. I've had to travel some 50km to the west or 100km to the north to see them in the past.
 Purple Gallinules show well from the hides here
 Great to see Quails so well aznd not just a distant call!
 My favourite bird - Red rumped Swallow. I could watch them for hours. Oh for one on the Orme!
Common Waxbills give a touch of the exotic in the reedbeds.
Greater Flamingos at Salagados Lagoons. A great site and in real danger of being destroyed. Please take time to sign this online petition -
I had Spoobills, Glossy Ibis, Curlew Sands, Wood Sands, Green Sands, Flamingos, Thousands of Gulls and small Waders, Gallinules, Avocets etc etc here - it would be a disaster for the area if the proposed plans went ahead.


  1. Gwych Marc! - nice birds and pics . Did you get the seabirds from the shore or did you go Shark Fishing?

  2. Not exactly shark fishing Rhys but out at sea. All
    Good fun.