Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Patching pays off - Greenish Warbler!

Got a real adrenaline rush this morning. I met up with Karl Lawson for an early morning jaunt around the limestones. 2 Wheatear, a Swift and Grey Wagtail were a good sign that a few things were on the move. As we reached the hawthorns we were greeted by the sight of Pete Alderson running up the track towards us - he had seen a bright warbler fly over his head and into a bush. We waited for ten minutes with no sight or sound of anything and began to talk about moving on. Suddenly the bright warbler darted out and disappeared low into the next hawthorn - this looked interesting. As we waited a Willow Warbler and Goldrest appeared, but perseverance paid off when the bird in question popped out to the top of the bush- a small bright warbler with a square peaked forehead revealing a cracking supercilium and best of all a nice bright wingbar! A few expletives were heard as Pete and I locked onto it at the same time. A few minutes later the bird was watched again in the base of a bush, revealing the pale above the upper mandible, making the supercilium appear as it it went all around the front of the head - quite distinctive. The bird then played cat and mouse as it crept around in the bushes making its way from bush to bush along the wall, calling just once - a characteristic ' chii-vee'. Over the next few minutes several Willow Warblers, a Chiff-chaff and Goldcrest all moved along the hedgeline, making their way towards the churchyard (birders arriving later reported some Warblers dropping in and disappearing high to the south).
Unfortunately at the time of writing the bird had not been seen again. Fingers crossed it's lurking somewhere.


  1. Superb record Marc and just reward for all those early hours up there. Just a pity it didn't hang around!

  2. Nice one Marc. Would be a much needed tick for me. May need Rob to catch it for me to get too it at the moment!