Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cattle Egret at Llanfachraeth

After relatively distant views on my way home from work, it showed much closer when I went back this evening at the side of the main road! Speaking to the farmer he said it was very tame and had been there for four or five days.


  1. Nice picture Steve .. Another Island lifer for me, nice views of a super bird!

  2. Hi
    I was passing rspb Morfa Dinclle fields near Pontlyffni, this morning and saw smaller black and white birds mobbing a larger one. Could not identify wither and had no binocs with me. The smaller were NOt oyster catchers but simiular size and the larger one(there were 2) had black head, longish white neck and dark wings, had swooping flight, big birds.Any ideas?lesley freshfieldswales@aol.com.Cant find way to sign in!

  3. Cattle Egret still a very rare bird in N Wales. This only being the 9th on record from all the NWales counties.