Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ringed Little Owls

Managed to site a couple of boxes in known Little Owl habitat and they've taken to them nicely; one with 3 chicks.  Need to check the others yet and checking a new site at the weekend but let me know if you know of anyothers or access to any locally and I can sort a box out.
The female on eggs a few days ago- a couple of field mice in the box too in a larder.  The female is quite docile at the nest and again whilst ringing today although not going by those eyes!  They'd burn a hole through you.

Back in the nestbox straight away and hope to visit again to ring the chicks a week or so.  Thanks to the landowners and BTO Cymru.


  1. That second picture looks just like you...

  2. Cheers Eddie, been compared to worse!