Monday, 24 June 2013

Anglesey's Rosefinch

Just another quickie to let you know that the Common Rosefinch was still present this afternoon until i left at 2.30pm :-) Nice to of located it just in time for two members of this site to see it as it was a lifer for them too :-) sorry yet again didnt get your names :-(


  1. Feel free to use my image of the Rosefinch for your blog if you want. Good find for the lady concerned.

    Hughie King

  2. Just hoping this bird sticks around till the weekend or even better into next week as I am on my hols then and staying not too far away.


  3. The bird's still around! Saw it today singing on wires from the footpath just after the cattle grid downhill from car park. (Best spec for us was at the top end of the second buttercup field if that's of any use). Happy hunting!