Saturday, 29 June 2013

Common Rosefinch still present

Anyone fancying a twitch this weekend could do worse than going for the Common Rosefinch at Porth Eilian, near Point Lynas on Anglesey. Found over a week ago, this singing 1st summer is staying loyal to the area just beyond the roundabout at SH475929. This morning it was showing in the braken valley here.

Below is a crcaking picture taken by Hughie King earlier in the week. Superb capture and evening makes the most plain looking of birds look kind a cute!


  1. I'm hoping to twitch this bird tomorrow and I do know the area quite well. The directions on RBA say that's its beyond the roundabout and near the cattle grid but the grid ref points to an area near to the car park. Can someone please be more specific on where the bird is in relation to the the roundabout/cattle grid.

    Many thanks

    Nick Isherwood

  2. Hi nick. Not been for it myself but best park near the roundabout and walk towards Lynas. The carpark has a sign by it now saying no carparking- that's the car parking bay by the cattle grid which is a 5 min walk from roundabout. You'll hear it singing no doubt.

  3. Cheers for the info Rob. I know the car park that you mean where parking is no longer allowed. From what I can gather it seems the bird is down the path that leads towards freshwater bay. Like you say if its around I should pick up the call. Thanks again for the info.


  4. today the bird was mobile , when we got there we took the footpath to the right of the cattle grid and it was singing on the far side of the second field , then flew towards the cattle grid and was re-located about 20 yards up the road past the cattle grid , after about half an hour it flew back to the field ! apparently first seen in the valley on the right as you go over the cattle grid , hope this helps