Monday, 5 May 2014

A cracking days birding on North Anglesey!

I knew I could smell something in the air yesterday! I had a great day birding locally today with some top birds and enjoyed bumping into many locals and having a good chat. It was mainly based around Cemlyn but with the early morning trip to The Range with Tony White.(South Stack birding spot, not the Bangor shop!). The only decent birds we missed were the 6 Barnacle Geese that were at Cemlyn briefly and otherwise, Richard Birch had a note-worthy Turtle Dove near Amlwch that flew towards Parys mountain. Here's some of the photos I got today. The only downside is I wished I posted it before watching the footy as I now feel as down as Derek Evans did after spending a day driving round Anglesey dipping most of these birds! At least you have something to smile about now Derek, doh!

Female Dotterel and Spring Squill at the Range for starters.

                                            David Wright found this cracking Golden Oriole!

                                                A bright female or first year male @ Cemlyn.

                                                  The Iceland and Glaucous gulls at Cemlyn.

                                                                The 2nd year Glaucous Gull

                                                                         Glauc in flight.

                                                The only shot I got of the Iceland on the deck.
                                            The primaries look all white here but it's the only shot.

                                          Looking at these flight shots the primary pattern looks
                                           more typical for Kumlien's, any comments welcome.

                                          There were between 3 and 5 Yellow wags at Cemlyn.

                                             The Cattle field at Tyn Llan is the place to look.

                                         Wagtail spotting through the Sheep c.25+ White wags.

                                                               The Blue headed Wagtail.

                                                           Presumed same bird, different field.
                                                                 End of day baby Hare.

I also had a Tree Pipit near Tyn Llan and a White winged gull flew past Wylfa head towards Cemaes in the evening.


  1. Brilliant birding Steve with super photos I saw the cracking Dotterel, however gutted to miss the rest can't win them all. After watching the football I'm sure you would agree!! Still not over!

  2. Thanks for a lovely reminder of what my friends turn up on Anglesey Steve! I was pleaswd yesterday to add Fulmar, Gannet, Dunlin and Peregrine to my new patch list down here :)

  3. Nice one Steve. Saw loads of that spring quill down the lleyn and wondered what it was. Oriole looks smart!