Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Llay Pool, shootings and birds

First the good news. An arctic tern present for the last two days is a good Wrexham bird, and a local Wrexham county tick for me. Young greylag, mallard and coots. Pairs of oystercatcher, LRP and lapwings around. Green woodie, garden warbler, willow warblers and whitethroats galore. Now the bad. Recent reports of people shooting birds here. Someone was seen shooting at swallows and it appears that the cracking Slav grebe present earlier in the year may well have been shot dead! Added to this the constant disturbance from dog walkers meaning that the breeding lapwings (there was at least 6 birds sitting)are all likely to fail again. Very frustrating!

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  1. New group as featured in Bird watching magazine. Crimes against birds can be reported to 'Birders against wildlife crime (BAWC)'. Similar incidents have also occurred at CQNR. Peter and Sue Haslem