Tuesday, 20 May 2014

BLACK STORK over Conwy and Colwyn Bay

Absolutely bonkers.  I was pottering at home and heard the gulls go up to the west over Conwy and looked up expecting an Osprey but the bird had a long neck and was very big...STORK. Panic!!! The gulls were going mad and swirling for a kilometre radius.
I didn't have my bins or scope so grabbed the camera and fired randomly.  My zoom reel on the camera is broken so i had to stick the card in the laptop to see what I had suspecting BLACK STORK.  Zooming in i could just make out red bill, black neck and white body.  I was ringing round the most likely birders to be close by and luckily Henry got a better pic as it continued east over Colwyn Bay.
Gutted for those who were local and still missed it but hope it gets picked up again locally.  A heavy rain cloud went through after it so maybe it was tracking ahead of it but it was relatively low and looked to be dropping.
my initial pics: 

And Henry's clincher!

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