Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fair Isle Birds

Hello from the island. Mike D emailed to say there was some good winds on the way and possible some good birds. He was correct. On wednesday, my first trip out I found an Osprey drifting north over the island and caught up with the female Subalp by the shop and Wood Sandpiper at Da Water. Yesterday morning Jason found a cracking Collared Flycatcher on the top of Hoini cliffs which I successfully twitched. Then after my afternoon slog I found this stunning male Eastern Subalpine Warbler in the Obs Garden hopping around on the fence. It was trapped later in the evening. Today there is a Wryneck knocking about and the Subalp is still in the garden with a Waxwing and Black Redstart. Hope everyone is well, looks like there are some good birds at home.


  1. Superb Rob. That Collared Fly is a stunner! Surely we'll get a Subalp on the Orme in the future - well overdue. Keep the updates coming!

  2. Nice one Rob i think you came on a twitch for a Collared Fly with myself Rob and I Evans stunning bird, cheers.john

  3. Nice one ROb, i saw the Da Water site mentioned on the blog yesterday- thought you'd all gone "street-talk" on us up there. You'll be bmx-ing round the place next. Init.