Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thrush in the Bedroom department

I've been seeing a huge number of young birds recently.  Surely been a good season so far for most small birds? My local Tawny Owls are putting on evening shows, the chicks giving their location away with their begging "wecchp" call.  I seen 3 with an adult then a separate chick and adult together near Henryd.

Young Blackcap were at Conwy RSPB, a combination of calls which was a cross between a Long-tailed tit's "seerup" with the "teck" of an adult Blackcap.  Having heard one, I got my ear in and found more at Pensychnant and Dolgarrog.  Young Treecreepers were also at Dolgarrog and more near Eglwys Cylenin. There are 2 Cuckoo at Pensychnant at the moment and another on the eastern slopes of Tal-y-fan.
Young Song Thrush found in the washing basket!  Indoor tick for me after a pair of Sparras in B&Q the other week!

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  1. Hi Rob. Been an early start to breeding season for sure and lots of young birds about. My casual observations suggest only small brood size success though amongst the smaller passerines. What about you? Sometimes there can be 5-10 young tits following a single adult but i've frequently only seen the odd one or two in hot pursuit of their mummy/daddy. It will be interesting to compare this perhaps gross generalization (!) to the official results from the BTO nest studies.