Saturday, 7 May 2011

ringing May 7th

Nice selection caught this moring near Caernarfon inc Treecreeper, Common Whitethroat, GSW, Blackcap, Goldcrest, S Thrush, Garden War, Chiff, Sedge and Willow.

 There will be blood! Female GSW.


  1. Nice selection there rob. We had 2 Cetti's warblers and a selection of other stuff yesterday..

  2. Did you get any photos of the Cettis Chris?
    Rob next time climb into a gorse bush and stick two-thirds of the bird out of the top for a more natural photo. It stings a bit but for the better photo it's worth it!

  3. Will bear it in mind but there's lots of non-spikey alternatives; privet or heather would be quite enjoyable.