Friday, 13 May 2011

Snow Goose, Conwy RSPB

Eeeeww...the Gavin Henson of the goose sighting.... Features include: Just arrived and already not very welcome, no ring, bit plastic, could give you a black eye if it wanted and a tad flighty too.  Doesnt eat much bread either to remain in tip top wild condition.
What to do?

 picked up this morning calling over the estuary.  Headed South-bad credential!
came back the the north lagoon this eve- probably stay till September now!


  1. Nice, is that your WRC description?

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  3. Minginnng!!!

    Mind you, with 2 Boneys, Lesser Legs, Pec, Forsters Tern, 2 Buff Breasts in various places what more couold u possibly ask for??, get it ticked!!

    PS I'll get the hang of this blogging thing one day, had to type twice! Took me ages too

  4. Have it Rob. Get in there my son!