Saturday, 19 October 2013

Beddmanarch Bay plus odds and sods!

There's at least 141 Pale bellied Brents back in Beddmanarch bay at present. Norman had 8 Med Gulls on the Alaw Estuary today (1 x 1st winter, the rest were Adults and 2nd Winter birds, plus a Wheatear. I also had 2 adult Meds at Llanynghenedl in the recently ploughed fields with the Black heads. That's great as it tests Alan and Ted's Welsh pronunciation to the limit when they put the news on the local Birdlines ;-) There was no sign of any geese at Hen Borth, but I also had a 2nd W Med at Cemlyn tonight plus this pleasant sight of the sun setting behind these feeding Curlews.

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